Welcome to Hamburg!

Catch a whiff of sea air that tells of a wider world beyond the horizon – but makes you feel instantly at home. stadterlebnis.hamburg offers exciting city tours and events for adults and children, designed to appeal to tourists and locals alike. It’s a great way to get to know the city really well, discover special or unusual places, and enjoy unforgettable moments. For singles, couples, groups of friends or larger groups.

"Harbour delights"

Let yourself be transported to an earlier age of sailing ships and tunnelling pioneers. We’ll look around the majestic sailing ship Rickmer Rickmers, walk through the Elbe Tunnel, built over 100 years ago, and take in the view of the city skyline from the south bank of the Elbe. And to round things off, a delicious fish roll at “Brücke 10”, probably Hamburg’s most interesting fish roll stall.

"Step by step"

This special tour takes you to Hamburg’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, comprising the “Speicherstadt” – the old warehouse district – and the “Kontorhausviertel” with its early 20th-century brick-built office blocks and the iconic “Chilehaus”. Discover how a small medieval trading post grew into a world-class city, and experience Hamburg’s own unique lair.  


"High, higher, highest"

We climb a total of 500 metres, more than 1,000 steps, 360° panoramic views! Together we ascend by lift and escalator to three lofty vantage points affording fantastic views of the city. Hamburg’s new landmark "Elphi"; a building that was once the world’s highest; and the highest observation platform in the city of today. They each have their fascinating stories – so prepare to be amazed and amused.

Private tours


If you’d like to explore Hamburg but don’t have much time and dislike big guided tours we can offer a more personal experience that includes the highlights of this wonderful city. We would be pleased to discuss the options with you personally.

Special offers for groups


Are you looking for something exciting for your next group trip to Hamburg? Are you planning a conference, and want to end it on a high note? Would you like to offer your guests an outdoor adventure? We’ll be pleased to discuss your requirements and put together a package just for you.


Our offers are suitable for all age groups and can be booked for a minimum of eight persons. As we quote prices on a “per person” basis, it is easy to work out the overall cost.


Our tours and events are action-packed and full of variety and interest, designed to make it a day to remember.


We start from central meeting places that are easy to get to, and we can adapt our times to suit you. We pride ourselves on offering good value for money, as well as on the high quality and dependability of our products and personnel.


All our offers are normally available all year round, and can be booked at short notice. We have deliberately made the process from initial inquiry to booking confirmation as uncomplicated as possible.


Just send an e-mail outlining your requirements to info@stadterlebnis-hamburg.de and we’ll reply quickly with an offer geared to your requirements.




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